Our brand shows support to the slow fashion industry in which we are comitted in reducing foot prints and waste as much as possible. We avoid overstocking of items which may lead to landfills if not sold.


Our Pre-order usually takes 2 weeks plus shipping time and still subject to delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

We don't cater custom sizing/design as of the moment.

Rush order is free for orders P3,500 and up but still subject for approval.


YES WE DO! Kindly click the link below for our exchange policy.

  • Sustainable

    Our brand only uses sustainable raw materials which is linen, organic cotton and recycled wooden bottons. Your order comes with a plantable tags, canvas pouch and a compostable mailers.

  • Ethical

    We pratice fair-trade which means that our seamstress are treated well in a safer place condition and being paid enough to sustain their needs.

  • Locally made

    We are 100% locally sourced and made.